Surviving Irma


And then, right before the week the training was set it launch, a big ol’ boisterous gal came rolling in.  Her name was Irma. {RIP}.  However, she set my current home state of Florida into a rampage.  People were preparing days before she’d make it to shore.  I had students emailing me that they were missing yoga, probably the top thing to not skip during a time of freak out, to hurry and buy supplies.

Drew and I were already set to fly to St. Louis for a music festival and instead, decided to drive in case we were going to return back to a destroyed home and second car.  All the while we were throwing things randomly into bags, looking around for the items that we would definitely want to save– it felt like I was dreaming.  So surreal.  To look at material things galore and realize how it all really was so disposable, and at the same time, wanting to keep it all.  Attachment and detachment and interesting behaviors.

Wondering what we took?

Passports, social security cards, current tax documents, car and home insurance records and papers, clothes, snack food… I also took my few prized jewelry items, my yoga singing bowls that my parents gifted me, and the few small figurines of eastern deities that brought me courage.  I shoved my yoga teacher training materials, all of my techie devices, and favorite Patagonia hoodies into a bag and we were off into the night.

We left at 10:30 Wednesday night and drove to St. Louis, arriving Friday morning.  The weather was gorgeous.  Fall to a T.  We spent the afternoon with my parents, and for a few minutes at a time, were able to forget about the mass of windy water spiraling towards our home.  That weekend I taught an incredible yoga class at my old studio, and had, as one of the students described it, a full on lovefest.  Selfishly, it was exactly what I needed.  Not to mention the reason we were there in the first place was a music festival so we were surrounded by cool, sunny Fall vibes, smiling faces attached to even bigger hearts, and live music — all fuel for my soul.

AND, at the same time, we were glued to our phones.  To the updates.  The radars.  The Facebook posts of people driving all over the state, running out of gas, being chased by Irma (by fear), onto crowded highways dotted with sold out hotels all the way into Alabama and Georgia.  Energies as heated as political clashes, of whether to stay or go.  As the spaghetti models shifted to show a line of direct hit up the west coast of Florida, my insides began flipping somersaults.

Sunday evening, as our friends stopped posting on social media and texting to save their phone batteries for after the storm passed, we were sitting in the cool air, under the clear night sky, watching Weezer take stage.  Talk about weird, I vividly remember staring up at the sky full of loaded emotions: every emotion imaginable.  And questioning, is it wrong we’re here?  Ooo, Weezer. Love them.  Our home could be gone in minutes.  What’s happening?  What will we do?  Should we stay in St. Louis?  Irma, why.  I hate you! But I love you.  Humans are contributing to this.  I’m so sorry you’re just doing you, mother nature.  Breathe.  Breathe.  The Sarasota area is protected.  The hurricane will part.  This is a beautiful natural disaster.  Material things will be replaced, thank goodness we have this contrasted experience…  

A hurricane in my head.

We found out late that night and into the morning that we were most likely untouched, and verified soon that indeed, our beach cruiser bikes around the side of the house were still standing {no joke}.

A jittery sigh.

We still needed to know more about the house, the town, everyone, everything, so we got up and drove. And drove. And drove.  Along the way there and back, I finished a book, read into three more, and wrote an Ebook on Modern Meditation Hacks for Thriving {check the original email!}.

As smooth of a return as it could be, half the town was out of electricity.  Our home was one of the last to regain it about a week later.  Staying with friends and in hotels was not what we had planned; fridge of food spoiled; standing home though? Yes please.

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 3.32.21 PMWhether it’s called luck, circumstance, or if the Indian legends are true of the area being protected (one way, naturally, geographically, protected; and two, by the spirits within the numerous burial grounds around), or the powerful quartz sand and underwater crystals that are splashed around…. I’ll take it.

And along came Maria and we were reminded again of how ______ {fortunate?} we were to have survived.  Be grateful, always.


Modern Mindfulness FREE Virtual Series

I’ve been working my heart lately: in many ways.  It’s been an intellectual, emotional, and energetic work ALL coming from my heart. . . {drumroll} . . . The Modern Mindfulness Series.  My vision is to feature all types of speakers that utilize exercise, yoga, meditation/mindset, and other holistic practices in their lifestyles and careers and discuss how impactful it is to be mindful in these ways AND how it doesn’t mean that you have to be super human, smelly hippie, and so forth; that it is very modern and accessible.

I’m having everyone share some practical and actionable steps for our householder listeners that deal with stressful, rat race lives on the regular and don’t necessarily feel healthy nor mindful about it. My mission is to leave our audience feeling inspired AND with more tools to create a healthier, more connected life AND in turn, planet.

I’m featuring over 20 experts ranging from teachers to athletes, from musicians to entrepreneurs… among others! I know it’s going to be a pretty killer group reaching over 100,000 participants.

 Well, my vision holds strong and now feels even more amplified as I know the interviews are starting to be watched and shared.  The fresh, modern, and accessibility  is spot on with each speaker and you and the rest of the world will agree.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to and snag your spot to a lot of techniques and inspiration to up level your living.

Let me know what you think!

– Rebekka

P.S.  Here’s a video I shared yesterday, to get you even more excited 😉

P.P.S. Please share the series with anyone you think may need an uplift for mind, body, soul!

My Downward Spiral + How I Survived

I thought I was depressed, like seriously clinically depressed this weekend.  And not to make it sound like depression is something to be taken lightly or something that can come and go, but you know what I mean– that more than bummed out place.  That place where (depending on how you handle emotions) you want to scream, cry, punch something, or curl up in a ball and disappear.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.42.56 PM

Most people think I prance through my days happy, positive, laid back, living the life I love of spreading yoga, exercise, and wellness related vibes to the masses.

A lot of this is true! The only thing to tweak is that this is reality MOST of the time.

I also occasionally hit rock bottom. I have my days where I feel everything from defeated, to lazy, to mad, to just ready to throw in the towel, every single towel.


Last week, I overdid it.  And not only that, but the week before I had an amazing time in California seeing my business coach and fellow masterminders, seeing one of my oldest best friends, and also taking yoga and conversing with a yoga mentor of mine, and getting REALLY stoked about some future opportunities.  I flew a *red eye* back to Florida after just three nights on the west coast {red flag}. I napped some, ran a 15k race within 24 hours of landing back on the EAST coast, and then rode four hours back {with one less hour of daylight!},  with my boyfriend the next day.  It was fun! It was one of those trips and weekends where somehow you just get through on adrenaline and good vibes.

Back to teaching and all the next day… I picked up some fitness classes at the end of last week. They began at 5am, which means… I get up before 4am.  This feels so jarring to me (unless I’m getting up and heading to the airport for a vacay!).  I get where one can program himself by doing this day after day, but for people who do it every now and then … forget it.  It throws your hormones ALL out of whack, to say the least.

Sparing all the details, I will say that I sat in a traffic jam for two hours, hurried to teach and train and host a webinar, and then got up uber early AGAIN and basically had the same sort of day .  Followed by another fairly early wakeup Saturday to help cover another job, I was in a mental downward spiral.

I missed four days of exercise {hellloooo, I cut endorphins, the happy chemicals} .  For me, this is not normal.  And although I could’ve pushed through a mini workout (next time I will) I kept working my brain, typing and staring at a computer. Hardly any time to breathe (which is what I encourage clients and students to do daily, duh).  The irony is that I was also putting on a webinar about using yoga to find happiness. . . 

Guilt hit.  I’m a horrible yogi!  I am being so hypocritical! Ah!  The itty bitty shitty committee ran a marathon back and forth between my ears, detoured down to my gut, and back to my heart and head. Whew.

By Saturday afternoon I got home and started sobbing. Hyperventilating. Feeling like I could not stop.

I’ve been here before. Did I survive? Yes.  Did I know I’d survive this time? Yes. But I STILL felt like it was the end of the world.


Luckily, I KNEW I had the tools to survive. I could hear the other voices in my head and heart trying to help pull me up and out.  Support is there, it’s all around.  This too will pass.  Experience this storm and remember the light and rainbows that follow. 

Still, extremely hard.  Here’s what I did:

THANK YOU, if you’re one of those folks I reached out to. You were my angels Saturday.  It seems like so often these days, we don’t reach out.  We don’t want others to see us in this light. Maybe I’m speaking just for myself, but I’ve had plenty of friends, clients, and acquaintances that have shared very similar experiences.

AND get this: I randomly got a message from a special Missouri yoga student that very night just seeing how I was doing… AND random people from Missouri showed up in my yoga class the next morning. {my inner prayer shifted to thank you thank you thank you}.

Support surrounds.

Somewhere along our lifespan we’ve been trained and engrained with certain coping mechanisms and the *way we should* handle , or mostly not handle, emotions.

Emotions are in motion.  They WILL MOVE. SHIFT. TRANSFORM.  All we truly need to do, as the channels for these moving emotions to flow, is to experience, learn, and trust that life WILL go on.  

We’re all constantly going through cycles; sometimes there needs to be this feeling of destruction {the Kali energy} to burn out old and give space for new.

This all being said, as I talked about this experience, others also started sharing very recent, close tales. AND, duh, it was also the Spring Equinox, which will also effect every living organism on this planet in one way or another.

I’m sharing this to also get it out of me; and as much as I cringe at times when I read Facebook posts, blogs and articles where the author is blatantly outing a life experience for . . . [attention?? sympathy?? ..], to write or type is a beautiful way to fully empty those moving emotions from the body and psyche.

If you’ve had a rough week, you’re not alone.  If you’ve had a great week, month, year, keep surfing those waves brah’ !  All we can do is ride, connect, and live the best we can.  Don’t stifle or stuff yourself with things that make you go *ew*.  Talk to a friend, reach out (to me!), and know that life’s just throwing some curve balls to keep you on your toes and shifting you into the next right direction.

Much love.

Thanks for reading,


p.s. I found this image and other great blog post that is so closely related and shares some more specific psychological points .  . Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.42.21 PM

Plant-Based Burrito Brekkie!

Food food food.  What to eat?  When to eat?  Who eats what, for what?

SO many questions come up around the topic, and in my years of working around it (via personal training and yoga), sometimes it’s a topic hardly approached only because it can be super {super} personal. Sometimes even triggering.

That being said, we’re going to talk about it today! Ha!

Jokes aside, I want to talk about a yummy simple idea that could work for any meal of the day, I just happened to have it for breakfast.

Tofu is another topic that I don’t always love to talk about (nor eat), but in moderation I’ve learned when and how to have it.

One of my favorite tofu products is out of Florida. It’s a crumbled tofu with seasonings already added.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.26.02 AM It’s actually really, really awesome.  I also love Trader Joe’s soyrizo (not pictured, but ahhhmazing.)

You get your extra “meaty” protein and your vegetables all chopped and ready {remember, vegetables have lots of protein! You really don’t need “meat” for this BUT if you’re used to eating ground meat in burritos or have in your head that you need “meat” then use the tofu. If not, just use veggies! More greens and maybe add some mushrooms (which I didn’t, this time)}.

Heat a small swirl of oil in a large non-stick skillet. I used olive oil this time but love using coconut most of the time.

Stir fry your veggies: onions first for an extra few minutes then add:IMG_1030

zucchini, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes . . .

Add frozen corn after about 8 minutes or whenever the other veggies are cooked to your liking (less for more crunch, more for more ‘well done’)

In another skillet, also non stick with small splash of oil, heat up your seasoned tofu meat.


I also added 1/2 cup of black beans.

Heat up a tortilla of your choice in the oven, microwave, or another skillet on the stovetop.

Layer in your veggies and meat! Add salsa, sour cream, and anything else you love on your burritos!


Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.14.54 PM

As always, post yummy comments, questions, and ideas below!

Junk in the Trunk!

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.20.13 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.20.31 AM No, not the junk in the trunk that you first thought of {well kinda}… and no, not the junk shown above {well kinda}… but let me further explain …

The picture above is fresh from this morning. After living for a month in a furnished condo, we are now moving across the parking lot into a different condo, unfurnished.
All of our prized possessions arrived this morning safe and sound after a *vacation* in an undisclosed location.
I’m not sure who’s happier for who to be back, my guess is, is our stuff is way more ready to get outta that POD than we are to unload it.

Various times over this past month my guy and I have looked at each other and said,
” I could do without that POD, like ever. ”
Obviously, part of this is the mere fact of laze and not wanting to unload and unpack AGAIN.
But part of this is more in the truth that it is indeed junk.

All that junk in the trunk.

Some of it legit, as legit as stuff can get — comfy, awesome leather couch, my prized notes and notes and books of yoga and body topics.

Some of it just junk. Some junk that will most likely be unloaded and thrown away.
{a whole other topic as the environment nut in me drives my slight ‘hoarding’}.

energetic and emotional junk.
This junk includes but is not limited to, stress, worry, anxiety, premature thinking, dwelling on the past, insecurities, emo baggage…

What’s your junk?
And how’s its funk?

What do find yourself tripping on in your mind?
Fumbling with in your body?
And dragging through in your heart?

Like I touched on last week, we send this type of junk to our physical bodies.  It hides away in the form of tension, weight, congested energy, and overall “ughhs and blahhs” {and read here for how to change those blahs to ahhs}

There are ways to sort the junk, keep what serves you, and release what doesn’t.

Take a moment and think of one piece of energetic or emotional junk in your life that weighs heavier than others…
Breathe into and notice how and where it feels in your body.
Spend several breath cycles visualizing with your eyes closed, this junk boxed up and disappearing, maybe even like a bubble dissolving so it will never reform!
This could take numerous sessions, even days or months, BUT with diligence, as with anything, it will work. Your junk will vanish.

And those places you felt it in your body?
S T A Y  T U N E D.
***I’m sending a special email tomorrow with a two minute tune-up that will get you back in balanced, working order AND clear out those funky, junky feelings.  SIGN UP HERE to receive my weekly Cruiseletter, and later today, be the first to see my Chakra Tune-Up Video! **

Oooohhhh yeeeaahhhhh.

For now, shake what your momma gave ya!

Smile at a stranger!

Tell yourself, I LOVE YOU!


I’m a Melon Head , Are You?

holy moly.

I’m pretty sure I have eaten my weight in watermelons this summer. No joke.

I can’t get enough and now that I’ve helped share a new watermelon juice, I’ve learned even more reasons to indulge (and overindulge) in this #bestfruitever, watermelon.


There are hundreds of different melon varieties, but does it even matter?

Seedless or seeded is all I really care about!

Organic is great of course but even that I sometimes overlook if I can peek at the farm’s name on the label.

And didja know that seedless melons are non-GMO, although some folks think this must have happened through a man-driven genetic altering? It’s more about the cross-pollination.  But don’t challenge me to that, that’s not the point of my post 😉


  • watermelons have more lycopene than tomatoes?? luscious lycopene is an antioxidant that helps your skin be more sun-damage resistant. that’s right, of all of lycopene’s many benefits, this one’s my favorite. internal sunscreen. pow.
  • h20melons are obviously high in water (over 90%)… and vitamins A, B, C.
  • watermelons are high in the amino acid citrulline. normally I think of amino acids either in liquid form at the health food store or found in other more meaty proteins.  in melons, it’s found closer to the rind and this compound will help your blood flow, heart health, and overall immunity.

Need I go on?? As summer is peeking into fall, be sure to soak up AS MUCH WATERMELON AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!

Ok, end of the Public Service Announcement of this Tasty Tuesday.

Now for real, go get your melon!

p.s. want that watermelon to go with you out the door but don’t feel like toting 1.5 pounds of melon in your purse/car/pocket?

I have the yummiest answer: watermelon juice.  Check out Tsamma and find it in a market near you! If not, hop on to their site and request it in your local cooler! Cheers!


Cherries Be Like, I’m SO In Right Now

… and I be like… OMG YES! Gimme more.

photo-5I’ve recently found myself putting aside my dearest watermelon ( I still love you ) and reaching for these lil cuties.

As you may know by going to ANY grocery store right now, cherries are SO in. And they know it.  They’re all shiny, gorgeous, and delish.

What could make them better? Well, other than the gazillion recipes and things you can combine them with, they are POWERHOUSES of nutrition.  I could ramble off the lists of vitamins, etc. which you could, too.

Instead, here are my top 3 reasons I think everyone should eat cherries.

Like. NOW.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory perks:  in my opinion, everyone needs to detox and ‘de-flame’ daily.  We are exposed to toxins on toxins on toxins, even if we are careful to eat clean, exercise, purify our water, and so on (all of which CAUSE more inflammation, especially exercise).  Our cells take on toxins/free radicals and basically become inflamed in the attempt to heal — and need help.  This inflammation can lead to so many other diseases and conditions. A healthy body is a ‘de-flamed’ body. Cherries do the job.
  2. Antioxidants for Cancer Prevention:  Whether they’re technically a ‘superfood’ by whoever gets to label foods as such, these little treats are just that– a super duper food.  Low calorie & high potency when it comes to antioxidants that also are fighting the formation of cancer (and as you may know, any inflammation can lead to diseases, cancer,.. so refer to #1…).
  3. Teeth, Skin, and Hair:  Cherries will help prevent tooth decay, protect against sun damage/wrinkles, and being iron rich, can even help combat hair loss.  Eat to enhance your current beauty.

Ultimately, being a so-called super duper food, by yours truly, just know that cherries are in season now at fair prices everywhere, and you should be adding them to your diet.

I love just washing and eating ’em from the bag.

You can also use them as toppers or add ins to your cereal, smoothies, ice cream, salads, fish, chicken, ‘healthy’ baked goods, and many other dishes.

Jump on the cheery cherry train and be like, so IN right now, too! 😉

Feel free to share your favorite ways to add the super duper fruit to your plate!

do be picky!

which way?
which way?

I had an epiphany today {this happens far too often} and I’m actually ready and able to write it down so I don’t forget. So here you go, bloggy blog style…

Being picky IS GOOD!

I’ve been known, for years and years, decades actually, to be indecisive. Now before I continue I must make clear that the two are not the same.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 3.15.17 PM Picky vs. Indecisive

And sometimes I like to jump right into Webster’s and compare definitions but for this one I’m just going to keep rolling along and use the dictionary of my mind/lingo.

You see, indecisiveness is something that I DO believe is valuable at times but more than often, not the way to ultimately be all the time.  When speaking on topics like manifesting and asking for what you want in order to receive it, a murky, indecisive  request leads to murky results {if any at all}.

However, being picky is different.

Being picky typically means you have distinct choices that you are, most likely, not picking.  Not selecting whatever it may be has been warped into a negative action.

” He’s SO picky!”

” Ugh, so annoying, just try it!” or ” Just do it” or “… it’s not that bad, don’t be so picky…”

Yup. You’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. And if you haven’t heard it, then tell me your tale.

What I’ve come to find out is that being picky is positive. Very positive.

If you aren’t picky, then you may be settling for less. And at least in my world, I see and hear a lot of folk saying ” never settle ” and I think those people would agree to be picky.

If you aren’t picky, you…

  • may wind up wearing a shirt that’s not your color!
  • might date anyone (and I mean anyyyonnne) who asks you out!
  • could eat something that makes you sick!

and the big one…

  • may be unhappy.

And since we all deserve more than anything to be healthy, happy, human beings, then PLEASE, be picky. Of course the wrong shirt color is not a completely threatening thing, but in my opinion, being unhappy, unhealthy, or discontent in any capacity is life-threatening.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 3.15.17 PM

This all crosses my mind today not totally out of the clear blue, but because I’ve made it through a section of my life of being slightly indecisive and very picky.

What beach?

IMG_9113The one thing I will say about being indecisive is that I believe during the years I proclaimed, ” I will live at the beach… I want to live on the beach… I need to be near water,” I was not super specific and when the universe surprised me about a year ago with a very interesting approach of getting me to the beach, I never ever thought it’d be to Sarasota, Florida.

IN a loosely indecisive way, I had made my request with just enough heart, vigor, and firmness that the universe gave me ‘the beach’ in the best way possible it saw fit. And all of that is another blog post.

MORE recently, since moving, I’ve played with pickiness.  And although I don’t believe I was literally called “picky” by anyone, I felt it in tone and pretty sure I’ve heard it from my ego. Hrrumph.

I was picky with jobs. Careers. Work.  Now how do those words make you feel?

Well, I’ll tell ya, to me they are a little vague. I’ve spent the last five years experimenting with all of the above and the days when the ‘work’ feels like fun, effortless, and passion-filled, rarely would I want to call it that. Nor would a even call it a J-O-B.

‘Career’ to me is different (don’t make me get out ol’ Webster’s) and has a feeling of longevity to it.

The ‘work’ I do that feels effortless and passion-fueled is teaching yoga.

Sharing my intuitive intellect and experiences is what I can say I wake up revved for.

Bear with me…

it was the indecisiveness that led me to where I am locationally speaking now. Then I became picky and would not just accept any job.  I did select one that was a job (less passion, more ‘work’ but this one still had an element of fun) because one does have bills to pay. AND then I thought of getting into this field, very different than my line of ‘work’ i.e. yoga.

And I thought of finding any and every small job I thought I could tolerate.

AND I even had random opportunities within my field but they just weren’t that alluring.

If I hadn’t been picky, I may still be there. Or I may be who knows where. I may be facing the queasiness that comes when I’m not doing the work I was placed on this planet to do.

If I had listened to others who told me I needed a ‘job with benefits,’ ‘a big girl job,’ a whatever you want to call it, then the miraculousness that was felt this week would NOT have happened.



YOU are what matters.

YOU can be a little indecisive, but know WHAT you want WHEN & WHY you want it.

And above all….

Do. Be. Picky!


do be?


doobee doobeee

doooo …

{giggle snort}

❤ Me

Tasty Tuesday: Cookies for BREKKIE?!

That’s right. The new breakfast of champions:  cookies.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.47.56 PM

Not just any cookies of course. They’re ‘healthy’.

In the constant quest to break the standard eggy breakfast, because sometimes veggies/ham/pickles/soy-rizo/cheese/nocheese/veggies/chorizo/yolk/no yolk rotation gets borrringgg…    ENTER BAKING.


I said for years when asked about my cooking skills —

“I bake, I don’t really cook.”

Me and baking go way back and although recently I’ve actually done more *cooking*, I still have this cozy feeling when I’m whipping up a batter of some sort.

I happened to still have some of my favorite frozen mashed sweet potato pods from Trader Joes.  I also had some pretty soft bananas. And although you could put anything you want in these things, I stuck with blueberries.

Here are the deets:    1 ripe banana

1/3 cup sweet potatoesIMG_8097

1/2 cup almond butter

1 egg

big swirl of pure maple syrup

1/2 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp baking soda

IMG_80991/4 tsp salt

2 tsp cinnamon

1-2 cups of mix-ins of any sort


*preheat oven to 350 degrees

*combine all ingredients til well blended

*drop by tablespoons onto a parchment lined baking sheet

*bake for 12 minutes or until golden brownIMG_8100

**they spread out a lot, especially without many bulky mix-ins so give ’em room


***GOBBLE up. Tasty with coffee or tea in the AM, or wonderful as an on the go snack.

they’re pretty paleo friendly unless you’re anti-egg 🙂

*** BONUS: the best cook/baker I know, my mom, whipped her variation up with pecans, raisins, flaked coconut, chocolate chips, AND cacao nibs! Talk about delicacy! (yes, hers look better than mine but mine are… full of blueberries??… counts for something…?) IMG_3383

antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, gluten-free, healthy fats, proteins… need I go on?

Happy Tasty Tuesday!

Share any add-ins you’ve tried or would like to try!

nom nom!

Tasty Tuesday… BREAD?!

Hmm the word ‘bread’ has earned so SO many types of connotations in the past few years.  It used to seem that bread was ‘good’ for you — whole grains, full of fiber, energy, yada yada… In more recent years, especially as I dove deeper into my own health, in exchange learning more to share with clients and friends, bread’s reputation has gone awry.

Let me rephrase: the ingredients in common store bought bread have been revealed more times than none, to be beefed and laced with GMOs and other hormonal toxins, including the now household word ‘gluten’ amongst others.

Diet gurus for decades have touted that bread is typically too high in carbs for most people trying to lose weight and deemed bread an off-limits food.  Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.35.17 AM

Poor bread. It is high carb, but as most people can agree, especially at first whiff of a bakery, it can also be irresistible. And of course we all have those friends that could care less about the carbs and the GMOs and still live in their reality that we need 6-12 servings at the bottom of the standard food pyramid of bread, for energy alone.

Not to confuse you, but I must say, with a ‘whole-grain’ of sadness, that most breads today are full of tainted grains and ingredients. I’ve also heard of many, MANY accounts of digestive symptoms of friends and clients, and with a little elimination action (cutting a food group for x amount of days’, ridding a diet of gluten almost always helps these G.I. downfalls.

Cue the happy music! I’m not trying to bum you out or let you down! I’m here to announce that you can have your bread and eat it, too!

I’ve been exploring wheat & dairy alternatives for some time now and it wasn’t until just a couple months ago that I had a hankering for bread and with it, a determination to create something edible.

ENTER: Trader Joes {duh} They have organic coconut flour that is so yummy and versatile. There are also good recipes out there using other alternative flours or almond meal, but I’m hooked on the coconut lately so I searched for ways to use it.

I also, at this same time, had a hankering for pizza. Which is rare, but it happened.

I googled ‘paleo coconut flour pizza crust’ and I found an array of recipes.  I combined a few and came up with this concoction. The posted pictures do not reflect the pizza aspect, as I made this batch more as a side bread to go with, you guessed it, zucchetti !!

Preheat oven to 375 degrees


  • 2 eggsphoto 1

Mix in

  • 1 clove of garlic, freshly minced or from a jar
  • 1 cup of almond milk

Add the rest:

  • 1/2 C coconut flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 – 2 tsp dried ‘italian herbs’ — oregano, basil, etc to your liking

This dough will be batter-like but you should be able to spread it on a baking sheet lined with parchmentphoto 2


As you can see, I spread olive oil on the paper to give it a little more moisture and a true Italian-like taste 😉

photo 3

It’s gluten free and nearly vegan and paleo… um. Yes.

photo 4

Bake for 12 – 20 minutes. I always have to stick my sticky fingers in the oven and peel off a corner to check if it’s done; or you can tell as the edges brown.

DISCLOSURE: the following step will make this not Paleo nor Vegan! BUT it will make it delicious 🙂

Parmesean cheeeeese.  Sprinkle some on top as you pull that bad boy outta the oven.

I enjoy drizzling even more olive oil or a few tiny drops of butter to make it feel more comfort-food esque. It works.

FOR PIZZA: Take crust/bread out a little sooner and put sauce and toppings on top and return to oven a little longer, about 5-10 minutes

ENJOY!!!!photo 5